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Our Corporate Law Team Works for You

Michael B. Manes, P.A.’s corporate law team leads the way in business transaction facilitation, contract arrangements, governance and complex cases involving companies of every size. Our primary focus is on reaching your business goals through due diligence and experienced strategy provision. We take our responsibility as advisors and trial advocates far beyond your avoidance of litigation. It is our mandate to provide cutting-edge solutions that allow your business to form and operate successfully within the parameters of the law, in your operational jurisdictions.

Business Law Coverage

The size and diversity of our educated staff allow us to specialize in many areas of company law. We represent you in dealings with shareholders, employees, creditors, government, competitors, financial institutions, and anyone looking to enter into, renegotiate or exit a contract with you. Here are just a few examples of the areas where we have recently experienced proven results:

  • Anti-trust
  • Class actions
  • Contract research
  • Lender liability
  • Business tort litigation
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Hiring
  • Insurance claims and coverage
  • Consumer protection
  • Franchising
  • Dissolution
  • Property transfers
  • Licensing
  • …and more

What Does a Business Lawyer Do for Your Company?

Retaining a business lawyer is a critical step to long-term prosperity and reaching projected growth and revenue goals. Receiving the facts you need, when you need them, can prevent delays in negotiations, missed windows of opportunity and a whole host of undesirable legal implications, fines and consequences.

The size of your business and the complexity of your industry generally determine how heavily you will rely on the services of your company lawyer, however, there are typically five key areas where corporations of all varieties depend on our support:

  • Contract drafting, negotiating and binding
  • Corporate formation, operations and governance
  • Corporate securities
  • Project financing
  • Venture capital

Our ability to mitigate risks and clarify complex legal process, documentation and bureaucracy allows you to focus on your daily operations while we do the research, analysis and heavy lifting for you.

Contract Lawyer Services

Our contract lawyer services capabilities give you the confidence you need to forge new business relationships.The agreements that tether your businesses to the world around you allow you to expand, grow and seize opportunities as they arise. The following are just some of the areas where we can keep things running smoothly for you.

  • Settlements
  • Agreements
  • Contract preparation
  • Meticulous document review
  • Law segment research

Business Litigation Support - In and Out of Court

Whether you are looking to respond to, defend or pursue a legal claim we are the local experts with experience representing domestic and international ventures of all types. Our experience in case analysis, providing useful guidance and due diligence in all legal matters, sets us apart from other corporate business lawyers in the area and on the world stage. Our in-court performance record reflects our commitment to aggressively defending your best interests, providing the pivotal support needed to produce favorable rulings.

To request more detailed information, schedule a consultation with our senior members. We’ll help you to explore the value we can add to business transactions at every level.

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