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I am an attorney with experience in personal injury, civil and commercial litigation, corporate and business law and criminal defense.

Legal Resources

While I specialize in personal injury, civil and commercial litigation, corporate and business law and criminal defense here are some generally helpful tips that anyone can use no matter what your situation. Remember that not all advice fits every legal matter, and I therefore strongly encourage you to seek the advice of an experienced attorney for information on all your legal questions. I will give you the time and attention you and your situation deserve.

Act without delay

If you find yourself in a situation wherein you need legal advice, make contacting a skilled, experienced attorney your priority. The sooner you seek legal advice, the easier it will be for the attorney to build a strong case in your favor, whatever the charges or circumstances of your situation. Delay in obtaining legal counsel might lead to some important information being lost or forgotten, or for the other party involved in your dispute to build a stronger case against you. Often times, you also have to allow some time for your attorney to review the case, file paper work and get the proceedings started. Another hallmark of my practice is my speed in mobilizing the investigative and forensic resources necessary to make the most out of your claim or defense. By putting pressure on the other side from the earliest stages of the case, I keep your claim for damages on the fast track to a fair settlement or an effective trial presentation. If you're defending criminal charges, I engage the prosecution early with the goal of reducing or eliminating as many of the most serious charges as possible. I am often able to do this even before formal charges are filed against you. I have over 25 years experience in serving the legal needs of people needing representation in South Florida. I have always had my own practice since day one, and offer personal service to all of my clients, priding myself on my being available and responsive to your needs.

Be open and honest

I can only help you insofar as you help me understand your case. Keeping details or information from your lawyer not only makes the job that much more difficult, it is in every case a detriment to your claim or defense. As your lawyer, I am there to represent you and therefore you need to have enough trust to divulge everything pertaining to your situation. Everything we discuss is held in the strictest of confidence and is only disclosed to the extent you give consent.

Ask questions and get answers

Your attorney, if skilled, qualified and experienced, should expect you to have many questions about your case, their background, the cost of the proceedings and other aspects of the law relevant to your legal matter. Any lawyer who cannot or will not take the time to answer these questions clearly and openly should not be trusted. You should know exactly what to expect walking in to legal proceedings, from lawyer fees to court procedures. Make sure you are comfortable with your attorney and that they can explain legal language to your entire satisfaction before deciding on hiring him or her. As your attorney, I will take whatever time is necessary to answer all of your questions so that you can make informed, well reasoned decisions regarding your legal matters. If you require legal advice or representation in Broward, Palm Beach or Miami-Dade counties, do not hesitate to call Michael B. Manes, P.A. today to speak with me. I will be there to help you take your first step towards putting matters of the law behind you. While our specialties include personal injury, civil and commercial litigation, corporate and business law and criminal defense, I offer many other legal services.

Legal Expertise

  • Personal Injury
  • Civil and Business Litigation
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • DUI / DWI Defense
  • Criminal Defense

I will be happy to help you whether you have been injured by the fault of another, are starting, buying or selling a business, are embroiled in a business dispute, are owed money, or have been charged with a crime. Whether you are seeking legal counsel for yourself or on behalf of your company or friend, I am here to help.