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Michael B. Manes, P.A. sets the gold standard in our commitment to you. We are the local commercial law experts known for expediting results and formulating intelligent, forward-thinking legal strategy. Our deep understanding of regulation and generations of experience give us the unique ability to anticipate your needs producing actionable options that align with your business goals.

Our firm understands the importance of resolving a dispute as early as possible. Our aggressive negotiating skills are honed to protect your best interests in every situation, and our mediation and resolution ingenuity are second to none.

The best time to hire a company lawyer is before you desperately need one. The logic behind this being that we can put our anticipatory skills to good use for you. Helping to identify potential conflicts and possible disputes before they happen. A little advance expertise goes a long way in settling disagreements out of court, ensuring outcomes contribute to growth and prosperity for you.

Here are some of the areas our specialists can assist you in:

  • Business disputes
  • Business torts
  • Property law and transfers
  • Employee law
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Unfair competition
  • Breach of contract
  • Intellectual property
  • Contracts
  • Warranties
  • Product liability
  • …and more

Commercial Litigation to Your Advantage

Preparing to go to trial is a resource intensive process that can cause a lot of stress and grief if your case and supporting information is mishandled in the initial stages, or during any part of the proceedings. Our trial lawyers draw on years of focused representation in virtually every major industry.

Navigating Employment Law

When you count on employees to drive your bottom line, understanding employment law is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure long-term success. We are well-known for our strength in appellate litigation, class actions and helping companies like yours navigate challenging employment and labor matters like:

  • Wages
  • Hours worked
  • Health benefits
  • Retirement standards
  • Workers compensation
  • Working conditions

A Dedicated Commercial Property Lawyer

Commercial property law is a rapidly shifting environment that requires technical savvy, experience and quick-thinking to secure and protect your interests, here and internationally. We bring global experience and industry specific expertise to your corner, providing the highest level of intelligence.

A Versatile Small Business Lawyer Makes a Big Difference

As tenured veterans in the area of small business law, we bring a wide depth of knowledge to companies like yours. From contract drafting, review and authentication, to organizing your enterprise, legal finance advice and taxation, we offer a full range of legal solutions suited to your operational capacity. We work closely with you to fully understand your operational goals developing an actionable strategy in many areas, such as:

  • Property leases, purchases, transfers, disputes and tenancy regulation
  • Tax strategy and licensing law
  • Business organization
  • Contract negotiation

Experience the value we can add to your success for yourself. We are among the most recommended commercial law services in the state for a reason. Give us a call to arrange to meet for a consultation to discuss your business.

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