Commercial Attorney in Plantation

At Michael B. Manes, P.A. we are action-oriented individuals who rely on our highly attuned intuition and heavy amounts of research to discover and round out opportunities for your continued success here in Plantation, and beyond. Commercial law covers a vast array of transactions, disputes, regulations and processes critical to maintaining the successful operations of business here in the United States. We act as your guide to difficult and highly technical documentation, process and policy.

Experienced Commercial Litigation Strategists

When your case goes to trial, an intuitive representative will keep you informed of the intelligent options you need to move forward with success. We work quickly to digest large volumes of similar cases, and rulings, to discover the opportunities to build a creative and solid legal strategy. Our team explores all of your options so you are prepared, confident, and able to focus on daily operations instead of worrying about the repercussions of a possible negative verdict.

Here are some areas where we regularly receive new referrals from long-time clients:

  • Contract work: negotiating, reviewing, authenticating, and maintaining
  • Business tort law
  • Product liability
  • Policy review and development
  • Employee relations: healthcare, insurance, dispute settlement
  • Real property transactions, maintenance
  • Dispute resolution at the earliest juncture
  • Governance
  • Environmental issues
  • Shareholder inquiries
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Business litigation analysis, preparation and representation

From initial proceedings to final rulings, we’ll equip you with the most advanced legal information available. We don’t just defend you, we fight vigorously. We’ll use some of the most forward-thinking initiatives at our disposal to deliver an outstanding performance that drives home your success.

Employment Law Representatives

One of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make is to retain an educated employment lawyer right from the start. We can help with: wages, health benefits and insurance, retirement policy, harassment claims, working conditions, union relations and much more. Hiring and retaining skilled employees is one of the most critical and complex areas of business logistics, and is governed by ever-changing policy. Regulations differ depending on geographical location. Allow us to identify opportunity in legislation that gives your business a leg up on the competition.

Small Business Lawyer Big Business Benefits

Our small business advocates are among the best in Plantation for a reason. We understand your business. Our experience working to protect the interests of a large number of budding companies, over many years, covers a myriad of local and international industries in fine detail. We aren’t afraid to dive in and are keen to absorb every detail of your business so we can offer full coverage protection during any legal matter. Paying a small fee upfront, before trouble arises, is the best insurance against the sting of potential fines and litigation expenses that could end up closing your doors for good.

Schedule an appointment for a consultation with our impressive business focused team in Plantation. We look forward to getting to know the specifics of your case, and understanding your needs in greater detail. Call us today!