Top Immigration Law Guidance in Davie

At Michael B. Manes, P.A. we have spent years helping people just like you navigate the complexities of immigration law in Davie. We are leading advocates for new citizens who are immigrating to the U.S. for a variety of reasons. What makes us exceptional law partners is our commitment to you, coupled with our ability to clarify the process and remove barriers. We make ourselves accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get the legal information and answers you need when you need them.

We specialize in obtaining visas and green cards for you, family members, investors and businesses of all sizes spanning a variety of industries. Our mandate is to ease the turmoil and unrest associated with the complications of relocation. We are easy to get along with professionals who are dedicated to your long-term success here, in the United States.

How Does a US Green Card Work?

A person who holds a green card in any state is a permanent resident who has been granted governmental permission to live and work on US soil permanently. Green cards must be kept in good standing to remain valid and must be renewed every ten years. Renewal requests are not accepted until six months before the expiry date. You are eligible to apply for a green card in the following situations:

  1. Through marriage
  2. Through family
  3. For business
  4. Investments

Once you have obtained your card and have maintained good standing, you are eligible to apply for naturalization after a period of three to five years. The length of this period depends on which type of green card you hold. Our qualified staff can explain this part of the process in greater detail during a consultation with you.

We Streamline the Green Card Application Process for You

When you are moving to a new country, you’ve got enough to think about without the added stress and anxiety of navigating US law by yourself. Small mistakes on applications can lead wasted time and the frustration of rejection. We’ll take the reigns of your application process, explaining every step in great detail, and assisting you in gathering the documentation you need to move forward without delay.

Immigration Help Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Each person who is applying for or renewing a green card or visa in Davie is a person with a unique history and background of their own. We understand that every circumstance is different and there are many obstacles people face when leaving their home to settle in a new country.

Language barriers, restricted access to documentation and difficulty understanding region-specific requirements can get in the way of what can be a painless process when you work with us. Let us do the hard parts for you, so you can focus on planning for your future.

Get the application process started today. For more detailed information on US federal immigration laws, and to receive expert guidance from professionals who have helped hundreds reside and work in the US, give us a call today!