Corporate Lawyer in Davie

Corporate law is a complex, shifting atmosphere that demands the talent, skill and experience of a large, diverse team of law professionals. Michael B. Manes, P.A. boasts a team of specialists who have been working with industry and business in Davie for years, offering industry and market specific guidance, representation and support when you need it. Our top players are ready to get to work for you right away, streamlining documentation and offering actionable solutions to disputes early to keep business running smoothly and contribute toward increased probability for you.

A Corporate Attorney With the Experience You Need

To navigate any area of corporate law well, you’ll need an attorney with proven experience in your area of expertise. One who is able to think quickly, and critically analyze each piece of information to identify opportunities to creatively structure a case that aligns with your business goals. Our nimble lawyers draw from years of crafting brilliant cutting edge case strategy and thousands of hours researching companies and industries like yours. We put the work into heavy research and review to make ourselves invaluable assets to your long-term success.

Here are just some of the ways we can simplify operations, to clarify legal processes and offer the valuable intelligence you need to make informed business decisions.

  1. Contract negotiation, drafting and review
  2. Corporate formation, operational guidance and governance
  3. Mergers
  4. Acquisitions
  5. Corporate securities
  6. Project financing
  7. Venture capital

Your Reliable Partners in Business Law

We are here to protect you and your interests, facilitating the relationships, transactions and governmental regulation interpretation you need to operate successfully. Our mandate is to provide the most innovative strategy and representation available to secure your interests. We accomplish this by understanding your company and objectives thoroughly and researching recent cases, rulings and jurisdiction law applicable to your circumstances. The following is a list of some of the areas where we have recently provided outstanding results for clients like you:

  1. Liability issues
  2. Employment issues
  3. Financial reporting to shareholder
  4. Due diligence
  5. Drafting contracts
  6. Research
  7. Jurisdictional regulation analysis
  8. Case and ruling research
  9. Tax
  10. Intellectual property
  11. Property transactions
  12. International regulation
  13. Licensing
  14. …and more

Expert Business Litigation Strategists

Going to trial can be nerve racking if you don’t have full confidence in your representation or a clear understanding of the process, and what is going to happen next. Our trial lawyers thoroughly prepare you for each stage with the most intelligent litigation advice available. Our intensive research, aggressive defense of your interests and ground breaking ingenuity make us capable of giving you full confidence throughout all proceedings, from initial pleadings to appeals.

Affordable Contract Lawyers

Authenticating contracts that keep the best interests of your business at the forefront can be time consuming to oversee, and devastating when things go wrong or contractual disputes arise. This is where a Davie’s best contract lawyers come into play. Let us take the stress out of getting the fine details right so you can focus on the primary business.

Give us a call today to allow us to demonstrate our talent. We are among the most recommended corporate lawyers in Davie.